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Long time no blog... :) Hi girls. Sorry I have been slacking, going to try to keep it to one blog a week. Well today was Breast cancer awareness day! Of course i rocked some wonderful pink! My cousin is a breast cancer survivor and i couldn't be more proud of her or happy for her and all the other cancer survivors out there. No matter what cancer it is, you survived an i couldn't be happier. For those who are suffering from it now, I pray for you everyday. ALL OF YOU! Stay strong and positive and hope for a cure, everyone hope for a cure! I read a lot about scientists out there researching cancer cures and they seem to be getting a lot of good work done so keep your fingers crossed and your hopes high. :)

Next, I would like to discuss these amazing shoes i bought... :O (BELOW!)

 They are quite wonderful if i do say so myself. TOTALLY comfortable! And the colors on the top are great when wearing a plan shirt of cardigan or anything. They are very warm as well and i wore then when it was raining the other day and my feet stayed completely dry. Imagine my happiness because usually if you wear moccasins in the rain your feet are completely soaked within a couple minutes. These were a great buy. Completely cute for fall and winter and they seem very sturdy too so I am just very excited about them. :) They were $30 at Shoe Carnival! 
Also as you can see in the picture, i now own not one but three pairs of boyfriend jeans. <3 I'm in love. They are some what high waisted and very loose but very flattering for every body type i'm sure. I got them for $20 at Target (They were on sale so act fast!) But i got different colors of denim and i LOVE THEM! They look great with these shoes and a tshirt for a laid back, comfortable look. Perfect for a lazy day, out shopping, or i like to wear them while doing school work at the coffee shop downtown. :p Whatever you choose. They are great for many things! I highly recommend those as well. 
And lastly for tonight Id like the show you guys my outfit tomorrow. :)
By the way ladies, Walmart actually really stepped up their game with clothing. Not even kidding! :O

~Dark Creme sweater: Walmart! ($13)
~Black, grey, and Creme hat: WALMART! ($6)
~Yellow tights: WALMART!!!!! ($6)
~Brown combat boots: Charlotte Russe (Bought on sale for $20 but normal price is $40)
I literally bought most of that from walmart...i only spent $25 on perfect sweater, an adorable hat, and super cute tights! Thats how much a sweater at Forever 21 or anywhere else costs...probably more actually!

Decided to go with an over sized sweater, tights, and combat boots for a nice fall day. I added a hat since its supposed to be super cold tomorrow! Now girls, let me tell you this...I am all for going out and buying a sweater way to big and wearing it as a somewhat short dress :p with leggings or tights. Really. Its perfect. Comfortable yet cute. This sweater is an extra large! I wear a small or medium. Some sweaters you can't do this with because they wont just be long they will be WAY too wide and will not be very flattering. But some sweater like this one is perfect. Long and a little wide obviously but not too wide that it seems to swallow you. haha. So be careful with that but otherwise you should try out the over sized sweater look. Buy some leggings and go big in the size of the sweater and feel comfiness like never before. What I also recommend is combat boots. They are very in right now so many girls have them but if you dont. You should invest in some. They are sturdy, great for winter with jeans or leggings and also great with dresses and tights. They are a great finish to a warm winter or fall outfit.

Colorful tights? I know a couple of you are saying no way right now. But really, its a great addition to an outfit. Some winter outfits seem so bland. Add some bright tights and its perfect! I picked my yellow ones for this outfit because they seemed very fallish but go for any color you like. Hate yellow? Go for a light blue or a red! Even purple or green! Go out of your comfort zone. (and go out of your comfort zone for 6 dollars at Walmart! ;p)
and to end off my post...HATS. HATS.HATS!!! Go for it! Go out a buy a bunch of hats to match every outfit you have. Hats and scarfs are perfect accessories and some people think you should only wear them when its below zero or snowing but you can really use a hat to finish everything off. I decided against a scarf for this and threw in the hat and i think it was a good pick. It completely it and will keep my head warm as well. So dont be afraid to try different hats, for both fashion and warmth. :)

Happy late Fall everyone!! I hope it has been great and you are rocking you fall colors and leggings. :)
xoxoxoxo -Maura


  1. Overly excited when I saw you had a post up! The Shoe carnival boots are too adorable!
    I've nominated you for the sunshine award (details on blog!)

  2. Thank you so much! thats awesome :) Feeling super special right now!!