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Well hello girls! and guys maybe! :p I missed you all.
Glad to have my internet back. :) So, my outfit from today is below!!

~Jeans: American Eagle ($35)
~Silky shirt: (close up below) Love 21 ($24)
~Grey jacket: Sashimi ($28)
~Brown Oxfords: shoe carnival ($30)

I LOVE this shirt, its totally different and completely comfy. I love the colors and i think its just a fun shirt and then i am in love with my brown oxfords. I have black and grey too but these are my favorite. They are comfortable, stylish, they hold up very well, and they go good with many different outfits. I suggest these to you guys. seriously. Youll love them as much as i do.

Then to finish off my outfit i added this simple necklace. I found it at a tiny antique store in my town and i love it. I didnt want something with too much going on since my shirt already has a bunch going on. Also, never do a shirt with ruffles at the top with a crazy necklace!!! I beg of you! Just dont do it, really...
Anyway! :b I love this necklace and of course i like this because its different and unique as well.

 And now for hair, i actually ended up leaving my hair natural like in this picture..well a little less messy :b and i just did a fast fish tail braid and went on with my day. I am completely for leaving your hair alone and doing something simple. Its so much easier and you dont feel like you have to check it to make sure the curls stayed in or whatever other hair issues you have. It was also a good way to complete my look and it looked quite adorable if i do say so myself. :)

I hope you days that ive missed have been great!! xoxoxoxoxx

-Maura <3


  1. loving the necklace! the outfit looks really comfy.

    REAlity Bites

  2. Absolutely love the necklace! Really cool blog (: x

  3. I love love love your hair & those shoes ! very cute style :)

  4. Glad internet is back ! I know what it's like... i've been through the same thing few weeks ago and it was horrible. Nice outfit ;)

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