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 So my mind is going blank tonight! Sorry guys. I can at least give you my outfit for tomorrow, thank god its Friday!!!!

~White lace dress: Forever 21 ($30)
~Jean vest with hood: Charlotte Russe ($30) A little pricey for that but it was a must have!
~Steve Madden boots: (mentioned in my last post!!)
 ~Home made necklace! Got everything at Micheal's for about $10
~Flower head band: Weirdly enough, American eagle. ($7)
~and i will curl my hair with the purple Remington straightener from Walmart. ($20)

Necklace and head band...and how my hair looks when i curl it with that straightener!! Maybe I can do a video on how i do that sometime. Its so much easier and looks much better than a curling iron or wand once you get the hang of it. :)

Im attempting to use up my last couple days of warm weather before i start with more sweaters and scarfs!! The heat is slowing leaving us but i cant wait for Winter! 
I hope you guys liked my short blog...I promise the ones on the weekend will be much better. I will have much more time to take pictures and many more ideas. Have an amazing rest of the night and a good Friday.
Ill talk to you guys tomorrow night. :) Sleep tight...or wake up well...I dont know. Ill just go by North Carolina time. Bye ladies!                                         


  1. Love those Steve Madden boots! They are to die for. And your hair is absolutely stunning!

    The Sist3rs

    1. I know! Arent they!? and thank you so much, its so easy to do! and looks so pretty even if the curls loosen up a little. :)

  2. Hi I love your blog, girl after my own heart with shoes! Thank you so much for following my profile I would love if you could follow my blog also at xoxo

    1. hey thank you so much!! ill follow your blog right now :)

  3. oo a video on your hair would be great! Those boots *_*
    Lovely post!

    1. ill work on getting on up :) and i know right <333