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Well hello girls! and guys maybe! :p I missed you all.
Glad to have my internet back. :) So, my outfit from today is below!!

~Jeans: American Eagle ($35)
~Silky shirt: (close up below) Love 21 ($24)
~Grey jacket: Sashimi ($28)
~Brown Oxfords: shoe carnival ($30)

I LOVE this shirt, its totally different and completely comfy. I love the colors and i think its just a fun shirt and then i am in love with my brown oxfords. I have black and grey too but these are my favorite. They are comfortable, stylish, they hold up very well, and they go good with many different outfits. I suggest these to you guys. seriously. Youll love them as much as i do.

Then to finish off my outfit i added this simple necklace. I found it at a tiny antique store in my town and i love it. I didnt want something with too much going on since my shirt already has a bunch going on. Also, never do a shirt with ruffles at the top with a crazy necklace!!! I beg of you! Just dont do it, really...
Anyway! :b I love this necklace and of course i like this because its different and unique as well.

 And now for hair, i actually ended up leaving my hair natural like in this picture..well a little less messy :b and i just did a fast fish tail braid and went on with my day. I am completely for leaving your hair alone and doing something simple. Its so much easier and you dont feel like you have to check it to make sure the curls stayed in or whatever other hair issues you have. It was also a good way to complete my look and it looked quite adorable if i do say so myself. :)

I hope you days that ive missed have been great!! xoxoxoxoxx

-Maura <3


Hey ladies! I am so sorry!! Internet at my house is down at the moment. thank god for libraries. a new post will be up by this weekend. i promise!! love you all. <3333


It is cold today! I an such a horrible blogger! I didnt blog last night and now im all mixed up with my blogging :p Ill just do two blogs today, one now and one tonight. So girls, i hope your mornings have been good so far, i know mine has! Coffee, music, and my favorite book. Im a happy Maura. But anyway, here is my outfit for the day! Trying to stay warm!

~Black leggings: Target ($12)
~Cream long sleeve sweater: The Loft ($25)
~Colorful scarf: Forever 21 ($10)
~and the lace head band and boots are again mentioned in other posts so i guess you have to read those to find out! :)

I love pairing leggings with sweaters and scarfs and boots c: 
I have so many pairs of leggings and i think they are perfect for fall and winter, plus i think we all love the leggings and combat boots look. Add a scarf to that and its a perfect and cute Winter outfit! oh, and its warm and totally comfy!

and to end of this post id like to give my amazing boyfriend of almost over a year a little shoutout for always coming shopping with me and giving me opinions on my clothes like he actually knows what looks good with what. :p and for buying me clothes and shoes because he understands how much I love them. I love you Hunter c: Have an awesome day everyone and ill be back tonight for another post!!


 So my mind is going blank tonight! Sorry guys. I can at least give you my outfit for tomorrow, thank god its Friday!!!!

~White lace dress: Forever 21 ($30)
~Jean vest with hood: Charlotte Russe ($30) A little pricey for that but it was a must have!
~Steve Madden boots: (mentioned in my last post!!)
 ~Home made necklace! Got everything at Micheal's for about $10
~Flower head band: Weirdly enough, American eagle. ($7)
~and i will curl my hair with the purple Remington straightener from Walmart. ($20)

Necklace and head band...and how my hair looks when i curl it with that straightener!! Maybe I can do a video on how i do that sometime. Its so much easier and looks much better than a curling iron or wand once you get the hang of it. :)

Im attempting to use up my last couple days of warm weather before i start with more sweaters and scarfs!! The heat is slowing leaving us but i cant wait for Winter! 
I hope you guys liked my short blog...I promise the ones on the weekend will be much better. I will have much more time to take pictures and many more ideas. Have an amazing rest of the night and a good Friday.
Ill talk to you guys tomorrow night. :) Sleep tight...or wake up well...I dont know. Ill just go by North Carolina time. Bye ladies!                                         


Hello, hello fellow bloggers. Happy Wednesday! I hope your day was stupendous. 
My topic for tonight is one of my favorites...SHOES!

Now I have a serious shoe problem and this is only about 1/8th of all my shoes...i strongly believe shoes make or break your outfit.

The shoes in the photo range from $8 to $55. But those are the Steve Madden boots in the back, the tan ones. I am actually quite lucky i found a great sale online because those shoes are usually VERY expensive as i think we all know. Those we $100 but girls, im serious. If you find something that is just a must have, look for it online first and check for sales because you can find the same pair of shoes for cheaper if you are patient enough to look. The rest are under $35 dollars and from places such as Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Shoe Carnival, Old Navy, Pac Sun, and other shoes stores around here. All cute and all very cheap. No one ever said you had to spend a lot!
So anyway, shoes really complete your outfit. I feel like if im wearing a plain shirt and plain pants, a bright, colorful shoe would just make my outfit 100 times better. Its always nice to have a couple pairs of bright shoes you can throw on to spice up your outfit.
As you can see I put a couple different kinds of shoes, heels, boots, sneakers, flipflops, moccasins, etc. You NEED a variety!! Please i beg of you, get some nice shoes, casual shoes, colorful, plain, everything. and also i highly recommend getting shoes you can wear out to a nice dinner or just with casual shorts and tshirt. Shoes are the best part, you can really have fun with shoes when you are getting ready.

I paired my Steve Madden booties up with a new dress for a family dinner and got so many compliments. :)

~Dress: Gigi's Boutique ($30)
~Boots: Website that i cant remember the name of but they are available in shoe stores that have Steve Madden brand shoes, for more expensive though (mine were $55. In store is $100)
~Bicycle necklace: Forever 21 ($6)

and to end off my post i have my wonderfully pre planned outfit for tomorrow. :) As you can probably tell, I like to be prepared.

~Lace headband: Clair's ($7)
~Red Revival lipstick-645: Target ($6)
~Cream tshirt: Forever21 ($14)
~IKat Harem pants: Forever21 ($23)
~Whistle necklace, also works: Forever21 ($6)
~Brown oxfords: Shoe carnival ($30)

Have a lovely night. I hope you sleep pleasantly. :)

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Ahhhh....thrift shops, 2nd hand stores, antique shops...They are golden let me tell you. I find the best things at places like that and they are cheap too!! From old clothes with that you can turn into a whole new look to strange stuff you never thought youd want to add to an outfit...these places are the best if you want to mix up your style and just be different. No other places have the same things, at least not anymore. I highly recommend goodwill, small antique shops around you and anywhere else that isnt ne w, that is "mainstream." Its a fun way to spend a day. (rhyme not intended) You can either make fun of the leather pants and the skin tight body suits or even the green suit jackets or you can pair things for the 20s up with stuff from the 60s and call it a day. :) but I can guarantee
 that if you look far enough into one of those stores you will find something you love!! Here's a couple things i managed to hunt down...

All of this is from an antique mall near my house. All of it came to a grand total of...drum roll please???
20 dollars!!! Three shirts, a skirt, and cute little overalls.
The best part is that no one else has this stuff and I have gotten quite a lot of use out of everything.

So dont forget about the little places out there, they are still doing pretty good. :) My overalls were great for going to the lake, i just wore them over my bathing suit and then when we went okay i just paired them with a simple shirt and i was set. The three shirts look nice with anything, jeans, skirts, whatever i wanted and I LOVE THAT skirt. I wear it with my Steve Madden boots and any white/cream colored shirt i have..just to give you guys and idea about how i make this stuff work. Though some these may have to go into storage soon, i had fun with them while summer and the heat lasted. So girls, go for it. GO THRIFTING!!!
I know i wont make fun of you for wearing "used" clothes and if anyone else does im sure is just because they are jealous! and i know, these days money is everything, if it isnt expensive its not as cool or important but i mean, i know, i get it. I love expensive stuff too and i will admit i often buy a 40 dollar sweater just because I love it that much. But take the opportunity to save some money and get adorable and useful clothes, why dont you?
HAVE A GREAT DAY...and happy thrifting. 

Outfit for tomorrow. Its starting to get chilly but thats not stopping me from keeping my fashion going! So dont let it stop you either or the high prices, you can get affordable yet adorable thing for the colder months!!
~Oversized white sweater: The Gap ($23)
~Burgundy knitted tights: Target ($16)
~Black combat boots: Target ($30)
~WORKING! Harmonica necklace: Earthbound ($9)

 I actually love winter and fall months, you can do so much with big sweaters, scarfs, boots, leggings, anything you can think of. Even though it might seem like stuffed into a jacket and thick pants if the only way to go. Think bigger. Let your mind go and Im sure you will find great things to pair together. Comfortable, affordable and warm!!
Go get some knit hats! Colorful scarfs and have fun! Spice up your wardrobe and dont be afraid to branch of! You can have both comfort and fashion. These stores are good apart but try combining different stores, different looks, and different styles to make a style thats all your own. Honestly, if its to expensive, do what i do. Go by my trusty rule many different ways can i wear this? If you can only think of one good outfit, it isnt worth it but if your head fills with hundreds of combinations then go for it! Put that thing to good use and you wont feel like it was a stupid buy.

Now as for hair girls, i think winter is a good time to start doing your hair! No humidity of sweating to mess up your hard work! So go for those giant curls or anything else you love to do!! I for one am yanking out the crimper tomorrow to get the perfect look. I highly recommend this crimper, its great. Its simple and fast for an easy do for the day and as annoying as my hair is it stays just like that (picture below) all day!!

~PRO crimper: Walmart ($25)

Have fun experimenting with new fall and winter looks and get back to me! Send me and email of some of your fashion ideas and ill post them to my blog!! Just give me a name and a picture and whatever you want to say about your awesome fashion! Its always good to get other ideas out there.
Ill look forward to seeing your unique style. :)

First official fashion post! 

Well hello everyone, I am on what you call a mission. I am in love with the Lookbook Store, their clothes are adorable and cheap. I can become a blogger for them if I get 2,000 followers so its on! :) 

First of all ladies, I hear fedoras are out now? Well you know what, Im bring them back. Everyone has their own style and certain things look better on some people then they do on others but I am positive that everyone can have a great fashion sense. You just need to find what fits you and dont go with the flow. Be who you are. You arent fashionable if you copy what everyone else does. Be you. So i am going to be me and wear a fedora, i for one like to add a fedora to a summery outfit just to get something else in there and i dont care who hates fedoras. I like them and i like how they look on me. So first tip, if you think it looks good, it doesnt matter what other girls are wearing. you are you! So wear a fedora or shorts with tights, (which by the way, that i dont recommend...) wear what you want! 

Go on, be yourself. No one can beat that. 

I mean..blogging?

I was just thinking today...why not blog. I like clothes. I LOVE CLOTHES. Id love to share my style with other people. Ill try my best to not suck but this i my first time and i need to figure out how everything works. Happy blogging to me! :)

My outfit today...loving it. :)