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Ahhhh....thrift shops, 2nd hand stores, antique shops...They are golden let me tell you. I find the best things at places like that and they are cheap too!! From old clothes with that you can turn into a whole new look to strange stuff you never thought youd want to add to an outfit...these places are the best if you want to mix up your style and just be different. No other places have the same things, at least not anymore. I highly recommend goodwill, small antique shops around you and anywhere else that isnt ne w, that is "mainstream." Its a fun way to spend a day. (rhyme not intended) You can either make fun of the leather pants and the skin tight body suits or even the green suit jackets or you can pair things for the 20s up with stuff from the 60s and call it a day. :) but I can guarantee
 that if you look far enough into one of those stores you will find something you love!! Here's a couple things i managed to hunt down...

All of this is from an antique mall near my house. All of it came to a grand total of...drum roll please???
20 dollars!!! Three shirts, a skirt, and cute little overalls.
The best part is that no one else has this stuff and I have gotten quite a lot of use out of everything.

So dont forget about the little places out there, they are still doing pretty good. :) My overalls were great for going to the lake, i just wore them over my bathing suit and then when we went okay i just paired them with a simple shirt and i was set. The three shirts look nice with anything, jeans, skirts, whatever i wanted and I LOVE THAT skirt. I wear it with my Steve Madden boots and any white/cream colored shirt i have..just to give you guys and idea about how i make this stuff work. Though some these may have to go into storage soon, i had fun with them while summer and the heat lasted. So girls, go for it. GO THRIFTING!!!
I know i wont make fun of you for wearing "used" clothes and if anyone else does im sure is just because they are jealous! and i know, these days money is everything, if it isnt expensive its not as cool or important but i mean, i know, i get it. I love expensive stuff too and i will admit i often buy a 40 dollar sweater just because I love it that much. But take the opportunity to save some money and get adorable and useful clothes, why dont you?
HAVE A GREAT DAY...and happy thrifting. 

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  1. I love it when you find a BARGAIN in a charity shop. oosh!

    Keep it up!

    R x