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Hello, hello fellow bloggers. Happy Wednesday! I hope your day was stupendous. 
My topic for tonight is one of my favorites...SHOES!

Now I have a serious shoe problem and this is only about 1/8th of all my shoes...i strongly believe shoes make or break your outfit.

The shoes in the photo range from $8 to $55. But those are the Steve Madden boots in the back, the tan ones. I am actually quite lucky i found a great sale online because those shoes are usually VERY expensive as i think we all know. Those we $100 but girls, im serious. If you find something that is just a must have, look for it online first and check for sales because you can find the same pair of shoes for cheaper if you are patient enough to look. The rest are under $35 dollars and from places such as Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Shoe Carnival, Old Navy, Pac Sun, and other shoes stores around here. All cute and all very cheap. No one ever said you had to spend a lot!
So anyway, shoes really complete your outfit. I feel like if im wearing a plain shirt and plain pants, a bright, colorful shoe would just make my outfit 100 times better. Its always nice to have a couple pairs of bright shoes you can throw on to spice up your outfit.
As you can see I put a couple different kinds of shoes, heels, boots, sneakers, flipflops, moccasins, etc. You NEED a variety!! Please i beg of you, get some nice shoes, casual shoes, colorful, plain, everything. and also i highly recommend getting shoes you can wear out to a nice dinner or just with casual shorts and tshirt. Shoes are the best part, you can really have fun with shoes when you are getting ready.

I paired my Steve Madden booties up with a new dress for a family dinner and got so many compliments. :)

~Dress: Gigi's Boutique ($30)
~Boots: Website that i cant remember the name of but they are available in shoe stores that have Steve Madden brand shoes, for more expensive though (mine were $55. In store is $100)
~Bicycle necklace: Forever 21 ($6)

and to end off my post i have my wonderfully pre planned outfit for tomorrow. :) As you can probably tell, I like to be prepared.

~Lace headband: Clair's ($7)
~Red Revival lipstick-645: Target ($6)
~Cream tshirt: Forever21 ($14)
~IKat Harem pants: Forever21 ($23)
~Whistle necklace, also works: Forever21 ($6)
~Brown oxfords: Shoe carnival ($30)

Have a lovely night. I hope you sleep pleasantly. :)



  1. Nice blog :)
    I love the Steve Madden boots, they look so sweet!
    Maybe you can check out my blog and follow each other. Let me know what you think.
    -xo, Milene from

    1. Loved it!!! and followed it! Cant wait to read more when i can :) and thank you so mcuh, i love the boots too :)

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